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Aug 21, 2012  Walleye fishing slowed a bit for us over the weekend mainly due to all the boat traffic. Next weekend ill try to remember to take a few pictures so you can see what I mean.

Aug 19, 2012  Ran a combo charter with a group from WV today, Walleye bite was a little slow so we gave up on that about 1:30 ( 3 short of limit ) and went perch fishing. All I can say is WOW, done in a 1 hour 45 min with at least 15 fish Ohio perch.

Aug 17, 2012  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get my group from PA out today because of 6-8 foot waves, really sucks because the fishing has been spectacular.

Aug 15, 2012  Limits of Walleye have been a daily occurrence aboard the Taylor Made.  Lots of big fish and big waves.
Aug 5, 2012 Fishing over the last 3 weeks has been awesome, it doesn't get much better then this. I still have a few open days left in Aug. if anyone is interested. We couldn't get out today because of rough water.

Aug 3, 2012 Another great day fishing aboard the Taylor Made!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 1, 2012. This is what a crazy morning of nonstop fishing will do to you???? Limits of Walleye caught by 10am both days...........


July 16, 2012. Sorry I haven't been posting reports lately, things have been a little crazy in my life. 
Started fishing during the last week of June and it was pretty slow with catches in the teens most days.  Beginning about the 5th of July we had a decent school of Walleye move in  from the west and the fishing got much better with limits being caught most days.  The extremely warm weather has been tough for us but hasn't affected the fishing at all. We have been catching a lot of smaller fish, probably the 2007/2008 hatch. Look forward to seeing everyone soon.

July 14, 2012. A great day of fishing with a great group of guys.


Feb 14, 2012.  Unfortunately Lake Erie never froze enough to do any ice fishing yet.  

Jan 15, 2012.  The "Taylor Made" had to have a marine survey done on it for insurance reasons, this is a complete inspection for any water damage that may weaken the vessel.  Just to let you know it passed with flying colors. That's why Cherokee boats are so expensive because they are built to last. 
Dec 23, 2011.   Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Sunday I ran a group of people from Butler Pa, while out on the lake it began raining so I emptied my pockets in the box next to my seat. I had over $3000 in cash and checks from the last several days of charters. Well one of them stole it.
Sept 8 2011.  The last several weeks of Walleye fishing has been excellent. Limits caught almost daily.
Aug 15  2011.  Over the last week limits of walleye have been seen on the TaylorMade almost daily. The only day without a limit was Saturday mainly due to all the boat traffic. When you have a flat lake on the weekends you have to deal with that. We still ended up with 22, I'll never complain about that.

Aug 7  2011.  Fishing has been superb over the last couple weeks. Leaving dock early has been key with the hour boat ride to the fishing grounds. Today we did 36 walleye & 1 trout. Excellent fishing.

July 28  2011.   And the reason it's called fishing, you never know what to expect. The last 3 day have been " Just Awesome ". Limits of Walleye caught just as fast as you get lines in the water. Where having to make long runs out to the fishing grounds so I've been trying to leave dock at 5 am
July 25 2011.  I usually catch limits of walleye everyday this time of year, but its fishing and we can't expect it to continue forever. Don't get me wrong the fishing is still good it's just not what we've gotten used to. A limit of walleye seems to be a hard goal to reach this season, all we can do is go out everyday and do are very best.
July  24 2011.  Fishing over the past week has been like a roller ride. The up's and downs are hard to explain, one day we do 30 fish and the next we do 10. The number of walleye just aren't here.
July 13 2011.   The Taylor Made took a group of beautiful women out for an afternoon bite and it was simply awesome

July 12 2011.   Fishing over the weekend slowed way down for us, mainly due to all the pressure from the hundreds of boats all trying to catch the Lake Erie Walleye. We landed 14 Saturday & only 7 on Sunday. Don't know how else to put it
" Fishing Sucked "
July 11  2011.   A limit of walleye was caught Friday ( 30 & 2 Steelhead
July 10   2011.    Walleye fishing was real good Thursday with 19 & 1 Steelhead
July 2  2011.  
The last 2 days of Walleye fishing was good with near limits caught. Several 10+ pound fish & usually 1 trout a day are common.
June 19  2011.   Walleye fishing was slow for us on Sat. with 14 fish in the box. It's been a morning bite and after 8:30 it's like turning off a light switch. Today's Charter was canceled because of rough water.

June 10 2011.   Perch fishing in the Central Basin started out slow with only 48 fish caught on Saturday. I had the TaylorMade on the trailer since Sun so I haven't been fishing but it's gotten better.Most boats perch fishing are getting limits and the walleye fishing is picking up.

June 3 2011.   The boat went in the water on May 31. Everything was good until I hit a tree submerged in the river, the boat came back out of the water. I ended up replacing a drive shaft, props and straightening a new strut



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